Cyber/Privacy Breach Liability Insurance

Is your firm protected against online breaches to its confidential information?

Digital attacks can put your confidential information in the hands of wrongdoers. Attorneys First Insurance provides insurance coverage to law firms as well as solo practitioners. We can provide you coverage up to $1,00,000 of Cyber/Privacy Breach Liability Insurance risk protection. Each of these endorsements provides third-party coverage as well as first-party coverage. Our coverage is specifically designed to combat the unique cyber threats faced by law firms and solo practitioners.

Immediate Assistance for all Questions and Claims

If you would like to submit a claim or have a question regarding Attorneys First Insurance coverage, you will be impressed by our team’s elite customer service. We provide informative, fast responses crafted by true experts. Our team is full of knowledgeable cyber insurance gurus who understand the nuances of law firms, data theft prevention, and the insurance claims process.

Our Cyber Coverage Includes:

Crisis Response – We are here for you in your time of need. Our panel of cyber security experts will provide invaluable assistance should your network or computers endure a breach. We will help you mitigate the damage and recover as much data as possible from the moment you notice the breach all the way until it is resolved.

Law Farm Privacy and Confidentiality – Our coverage accounts for legal liability stemming from data breaches including the loss of personal information as well as data considered to be confidential.

Computer Attacks – If your law firm has been attacked by computer hackers, malware, a virus or anything else computer-related, you can rest easy knowing our insurance covers your legal liability.

Cyber Loss Mitigation – Our elaborate control tools minimize the possible damage of cyber loss. We provide easy online access to loss prevention programs and tools for cyber risk assessment.

Support for Regulatory Matters – Our coverage even extends to regulatory fines, investigations and penalties stemming from misconduct.