Professionals who work for Virginia title agencies and those who practice law should have an errors and omissions insurance policy (E & O insurance). Such insurance protects against claims services were provided in a manner other than that promised and/or caused financial loss. The unfortunate truth is if your law firm or title agency services are provided in a manner different from what was originally promised, there is a chance you will have to pay a substantial settlement or court-awarded judgment.
Do not assume every client who pays a retainer for your services has good intentions. There are plenty of bad apples willing to file lawsuits even though your services met or exceeded expectations. This is precisely why Virginia attorneys and title agency professionals need E & O insurance. Secure this important form of insurance and you will not have to pay your hard-earned money to an opportunist who wins a judgment or secures a settlement. This insurance also covers legal fees and other costs of the legal process.

E & O Insurance in Virginia

E & O insurance is necessary to keep your business humming along even if one or several clients claim your services were provided in a manner different from what was originally promised. This form of insurance is surprisingly affordable. Whether you work at a Virginia title agency or law firm, you will find an E & O insurance policy suitable for your budget. Coverage applies the moment a current or former client alleges your promised services fell short of expectations or triggered an alleged financial loss.

The Details of E & O Insurance in Virginia

The details of this policy matter a great deal. E & O insurance in Virginia must be tailored to each individual attorney and title agency professional. Our firm is here to help you secure the best E & O insurance policy for your professional needs, budget, etc. We will analyze your policy in-depth to help you find the perfect coverage level that minimizes your exposure. Once you have E & O insurance in Virginia, you and your team will be able to move forward in full confidence knowing if an angry client files a lawsuit, your operations will continue without impediment.

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