California attorneys and title agency professionals need top-quality errors and omissions insurance. This insurance protects these professionals in the event a client claims services have not been rendered as promised or if such services, or lack thereof, lead to financial loss. If your services are even slightly different from those promised, it could open the door for a potentially devastating lawsuit. You should not rule out the fact that opportunists can sign up for your services with the latent motivation of filing a lawsuit. With errors and omissions insurance in place, you will not have to pay for the cost of legal fees, settlements, judgments, and other aspects of the legal process.

Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy Coverage

Our errors and omissions insurance coverage is imperative to guard against lawsuits related to supposed unfulfilled promises. This insurance will provide you with the confidence you need to keep your business operational, even if a client has a legitimate claim. The best part is our errors and omissions insurance in California is affordable for attorneys and those employed at title agencies. Coverage is applicable as soon as legal allegations relating to supposedly unfulfilled promises are levied.

The Details of E&O Coverage Matters

As it is often said, it pays to sweat the small stuff. Errors and omissions insurance in California is not exactly the same for every client. These policies differ based on the specific details of each client’s needs, desires, budget, and other factors. It is important to analyze your policy before making a commitment to guarantee your coverage is adequate for your unique exposure. Our insurance professionals are here to help you understand exactly what type of coverage is best for your unique company.

Errors and Omissions Insurance in California Provides Invaluable Peace of Mind

By acquiring this important form of insurance, there won’t be any need to be concerned about the possible consequences of honest mistakes. This coverage provides protection even if one of your team members makes an error and causes a client to suffer a financial loss.

Errors and Omissions Insurance in California is a Call Away

If you are an attorney, a partner at a law firm, or work at a title agency, reach out to us today to learn more about errors and omissions insurance in California. You can contact us at (727) 799-4321.