We offer high quality services and low priced professional liability insurance premiums. We are an independent agent, and we work with dozens of carriers. Change is inevitable.

As your law firm or title agency changes, we will assist you in finding the continuing appropriate liability insurance fit to meet your evolving needs.

Here are what our clients have to say about us:

Dear Fellow Attorney:

I met Sam Cohen, of Attorney First Insurance, at last year’s Fund Assembly. Sam gave me his card seeking the opportunity to complete for my professional’s liability insurance when it renewed.

My firm has been with the same carrier for many years. This year I was shocked to learn that my renewal premium had jumped 60% for no apparent reason. I immediately contact Sam at Attorneys First. Within 48 hours Sam was able to secure insurance for me with the same coverage, saving me more than $3,000 in the process!

– Manny Diner, Miami Lakes, FL

Please be advised that Sam Cohen, has been my professional liability insurance agent since 2005. I have always found Mr. Cohen to excel in customer service. He is extremely diligent and reliable. Since, the inception of our business relationship, Mr Cohen has always made himself available for a telephone consultation, or if he is unavailable at the time I call, he always returns my telephone call promptly, usually within ten (10) minutes. Moreover, I do not recall one occasion where I had to place a follow up call to speak with him. Please know, that I do not make a practice of providing a written endorsement for the individuals and companies I do business with. However, I would be remised if I failed to recommend, endorse and salute the years of unparalleled service I have received from Sam Cohen and Attorney’s First Insurance.

– Scott S. Levine, Esq.

This is to express my appreciation and complete satisfaction with the promptness and efficiency that my recent application for coverage was accepted, processed and approved. Service such as you provided in my time-critical circumstance certainly deserves recognition.

I will recommend you without reservation to counsel seeking coverage and you can certainly reference this commendation in your marketing. Thank you again for prompt and efficient service.
– James M. Barclay, Tallahassee, FL

Dear Sam,

Just a note to thank you for your able and honest help as I looked for malpractice insurance now that I have returned to the private sector from my public service duties. You helped me understand the coverage available, price points and various nuances about this kind of insurance. Rest assured, I’ll contact you again as my insurance needs may change. Best wishes and thanks again for your help.

– Sincerely, William S. Duffey, Jr.