We GUARANTEE to save you significant premium dollars – otherwise – we won’t waste time quoting you. Typically, our minimum savings to you is 20%; however, some clients save as much as 40% on their Professional Liability Insurance.

We’re able to offer savings because of 3 reasons:

  • We offer a wide variety of reputable insurance carriers.
  • Our business model allows us to keep our overhead low, so we can pass the savings on to you.
  • As your business evolves, we’re here to help you make any needed adjustments to keep saving money.

At Attorney’s First Insurance, our team offers errors and omissions insurance to title agencies. Our E&O insurance provides exclusive coverage to make the ease of doing business in today’s market the sole focus for title agents. We know the risks that you face every day and will understand your unique needs. We’ll provide an insurance policy tailored to your agency.

As a title agent, it’s important you provide factual and accurate information. In fact, your clients downright depend on you to certify the validity of a title on a piece of real estate and guarantee proper ownership. The goal is to help buyers make informed purchase decisions and avoid undue harm after a sale. However, sometimes mistakes could happen when you deliver professional services.

It only takes one simple claim or lawsuit to wash away the foundation you’ve established for your title agency. Whether you’re at fault or not, legal expenses must be paid if a disgruntled client files a claim against you. It’s for such situations where protection offered by Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance helps protect your agency’s financial stability against the impact of such lawsuits.

Florida E&O Insurance for Title Agents

Errors and Omissions insurance is liability insurance that protects your title agency against claims of negligence or insufficient work. The E&O policy will protect you or your agency when a client claims that you failed to deliver promised or expected results. Put another way, it covers you for errors or omissions that a client perceives you made when they relied on your professional services.

Without errors and omissions insurance, the cost of liability claims can be severe. Even if you acted professionally and in good faith during a transaction, the legal fees that come with defending against a lawsuit can ruin the financial standing of an agency. Without adequate E&O coverage, you’re at risk of losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Attorney’s First Insurance provides customized, innovative insurance coverage title agents need to operate in the industry. Our errors and omissions insurance will help you mitigate the risks you face every day and deal with potential lawsuits.

Why Errors and Omissions Insurance for Title Agencies is Necessary 

  • Professional Errors

A simple mathematical error, a missed keystroke, or any unintentional omission – it doesn’t take much to instigate a legal claim or lawsuit. If a client claims that you made a mistake in the title documentation process and put them at a financial loss, you could stand to lose a great deal. Even the most meticulous title agent could receive inaccurate information or make simple errors, which is why it’s vital to have the proper E&O protection in place.

  • Failure to Deliver Promised Services

If you fail to follow through with a task or project, it may hinder your clients’ business plans. You could get sued, especially if failure to deliver promised services affects the client’s financial bottom line. Errors and omissions insurance could help with the expenses related to a lawsuit.

  • Negligence

A client can accuse you of negligence if you haven’t fulfilled your duties as a title agent. Negligence is a breach of duty, where there’s no intent to produce tangible harm to the client. For instance, if you fail to take appropriate action when required or fail to act with due care, the client can sue your company if they’re dissatisfied with your work.

  • Failure to Disclose Information

If you become aware of a title issue that would affect the buyer’s decision to purchase, you’re obligated to disclose this information. If you fail to disclose information that is material to the value of the property, you may find yourself facing a lawsuit.

The Attorney’s First Insurance E&O policy provides title agents with comprehensive coverage for:

  • Legal expenses
  • Court fees
  • Administrative costs
  • Settlement
  • Judgment

Exceptional Coverage for Title Agencies 

Attorneys First Insurance is a leading provider of comprehensive errors and omissions insurance for title agents. We offer better coverage at lower rates on E&O insurance than other providers. Our policies are written with care and precision to ensure our clients have the highest quality coverage that they need and deserve. Contact us today at (727) 799-4321 to learn more about our E&O policies and to get a quick, no-nonsense quote.

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