Georgia attorneys and title agencies should consider acquiring errors and omissions insurance, commonly referred to as E&O insurance. This insurance covers an attorney or title agency if a client claims services rendered (or those not rendered) are responsible for a financial loss.

Georgia Errors and Omissions Insurance

If you are an attorney in or work for a title agency, you should not work a day longer without E&O insurance through Attorneys First Insurance. Consider an instance where the results of your services are different from what was initially promised. Even a minor difference in the outcome creates the potential for a lawsuit. If errors and omissions insurance is not in place, you will have to cover the cost of legal defense fees, settlements, and judgments without financial assistance. This is a risk no attorney or title agency should take. E&O insurance in Georgia through Attorneys First Insurance is here to eliminate that risk.

E&O Policy Coverage

This coverage is of the utmost importance, as lawsuits pertaining to alleged errors and omissions have the potential to bankrupt your practice or business. Attorneys First Insurance has the affordable E&O coverage you need to proceed with full confidence. Our coverage will kick in as soon as any legal allegations arise pertaining to supposedly unfulfilled promises.

Mind the Wording of E&O Coverage

The wording of E&O policies differs quite a bit from one client to the next. Read over your E&O policy in-depth to ensure the proposed coverage suits your level of exposure. If you do not understand E&O coverage, we can help. We will pinpoint the information you need based on your type of exposure. At Attorneys First Insurance, we will define and interpret the terms of this important insurance coverage to make sure they make sense for your firm.

E&O Insurance is Here for When Mistakes Happen

Mistakes can occur at any firm. Obtain E&O insurance through Attorneys First Insurance and you won’t have to worry about the potential legal ramifications of errors or mistakes. Even if an employee makes a mistake that causes a client to lose money, Georgia errors and omissions insurance is your best defense. This is the essential form of protection every attorney and title agency needs to have in place.

When is the Best Time to Obtain Georgia Errors and Omissions Insurance Through Attorneys First Insurance?

The answer is, as soon as possible. You need this important form of insurance before subjecting your firm to any risk. If you are an attorney or a title agency, it is time to make E&O insurance a component of your insurance portfolio.

Georgia E&O insurance through Attorneys First Insurance will also help set the foundation for contracts with clients. Many such contracts can’t be formalized until this insurance is in place. E&O insurance serves as a powerful selling point for your firm.

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