To whom it may concern;

Re: Sam Cohen, Attorneys First Insurance

I have been using Sam Cohen of Attorneys First Insurance as my Professional Liability Insurance agent for at least the last 9 years. Sam was recommended to me by Attorneys Title Fund Services. During these years, I have received extraordinary services from Sam and pro111pt attention to my needs.

I am way past normal retirement years, but want to continue practicing law as long as I feel capable of doing so. Besides my age, most of my practice is limited to about 3 clients and I do engage in writing title insurance policy, all of which creates higher risks for professional liability carriers. Notwithstanding these factors, Sam has always found insurers who would provide coverage to me at premiums which I considered most reasonable. This year has been most troublesome. The carrier Sam had for me for the past several years raised its premium to an amount I found totally unacceptable. Yet, Sam was able to locate a carrier who was able to meet my needs at an acceptable cost. To do this Sam consulted another agent he knew, which, of course, reduced Sam’s commission.

I would highly recommend Sam to any attorney seeking an insurance agent who will give prompt and full attention to that attorney’s requirements for Professional Liability Insurance.

Michael C. Slotnick