At Attorneys First Insurance, we understand that a small error or omission can escalate into a costly lawsuit in today’s litigious society. Our E & O insurance offers comprehensive, customizable coverage for law firms and title agencies in Washington. E&O insurance can help protect you and your business from financial catastrophe if you are sued by a client for a job-related matter. We offer coverage that fits your unique business needs, exposures, and responsibilities.

Errors and Omissions Insurance in Washington 

You strive to deliver the very best advice, guidance, and services to your clients, but being perfect 100% of the time isn’t always achievable. Mistakes happen, and one simple error can lead to a chain reaction of costly legal problems down the road. Even when you haven’t made a mistake, a client can sue you if they are unhappy with your professional services.

Lawsuits are stressful and time-consuming. They can also leave you and your business vulnerable to financial disaster. This is exactly what makes errors and omissions insurance worth it for lawyers and title agents in Washington.

Also known as professional liability insurance, E&O insurance is designed to provide coverage for claims that arise from errors, omissions, and negligence in the rendering of professional services in the attorney’s or title agent’s capacity.

Broadly speaking, E&O insurance will pay the costs of lawsuits over:

  • Professional negligence
  • Errors, oversights, or mistakes made during the course of work
  • Incomplete work
  • Failure to deliver a service promised to a client
  • Missed deadlines
  • Breach of contract
  • Misrepresentation
  • Inaccurate advice
  • Failure to meet a specific standard of care

If a client sues your law firm or title company for a mistake in the professional services you’ve provided, our E&O insurance will cover attorney fees, court costs, and administrative costs, whether or not you’re found legally liable for the matter at hand. It will also cover settlements and court-ordered judgments up to the policy limits.

Having errors and omissions insurance is like having a spare tire in the trunk. You hope you never need to use it but have peace of mind knowing that you have it.

The Attorneys’ First Insurance Way: What Makes Us Different

We lead the pack in offering comprehensive and cost-effective E&O insurance policies exclusively for lawyers and title agents. Our business is specialized, so we are able to meet your exact coverage requirements in a way that other insurance providers are not.

Peace of Mind

As one of the country’s leaders in errors and omissions insurance for legal professionals and title agents, you can count on us to deliver reliable protection and financial security. We work with a wide variety of reputable insurance carriers, helping us provide the coverage you can depend on.

Tailored Policy Solutions

We have the years of experience it takes to know exactly what our clients need. We tailor coverage to deliver the right fit for your law firm or title company, based on your needs, situation, and exposure. This ensures that you do not have any coverage gaps and do not pay for unnecessary coverage.

Competitive Rates

We offer the most competitive errors and omissions insurance rates you’ll find. Working directly with us eliminates administrative fees that are typical in insurance transactions, allowing us to pass the savings on to you. Our clients typically save an average of 20%, however, some clients save as much as 40% on their E&O insurance. We will not waste time quoting you if we can’t offer you better terms and coverage for a lower rate.

Human Touch

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We are here to serve you with honor, dignity, and respect. Our team of licensed professional liability insurance agents is on hand to answer your questions and look after you and your insurance needs.

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