We GUARANTEE to save you significant premium dollars – otherwise – we won’t waste time quoting you. Typically, our minimum savings to you is 20%; however, some clients save as much as 40% on their Professional Liability Insurance.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance (E&O) is a specialized form of liability insurance designed to protect attorneys and title agents that provides services against certain claims made by clients. Specifically, it helps protect against the cost of claims made by clients for actual or alleged negligent actions, inadequate work, or failure to provide the expected level of service.

Mistakes and disagreements with unhappy clients can be costly if you don’t have enough of the right E&O insurance coverage. Even claims with no merit can cause financial devastation. Keep in mind that in today’s “sue-happy” society, every law practice has a 17% chance of being the subject of a lawsuit, according to the American Bar Association.

Attorneys First Insurance is here to help attorneys and title agents in Florida obtain excellent E&O insurance coverage for your law firm or title agency. We understand the diverse challenges you face and can help put your mind at ease with a customized E&O plan.

We set ourselves apart from many other providers by putting the needs of our clients first, not by trying to make a quick sale on low-quality coverage. Our errors and omissions insurance is broad, flexible, and competitively priced.

E&O Insurance Tailored to the Needs of Your Firm

At Attorneys First Insurance, we know every law firm and every title company is different. As such, we look at your business holistically and then tailor a plan to meet the unique needs of your business. With exclusive focus on attorneys and title agents, we understand the unique risks you face while working in your profession. We work closely with you to find the affordable coverage you need to protect your business against claims.

Our E&O policy insures attorneys and title agents against claims of negligence, inaccurate advice, misinterpretation, breach of duty, breach of contract, missed deadlines, undelivered services, and more. The claims are made when a client believes they suffered financial loss due to your actions or inactions.

The policy provides Errors and Omissions Insurance in Florida for:

  • Legal defense costs – Whether or not the legal system finds you at fault, you’re going to have to defend yourself and you know legal costs can add up. E&O insurance can help cover defense expenses for valid claims and frivolous suits alike. This will allow you to hire professional support without worrying about costly, unexpected fees.
  • Court costs –The policy covers your business defense case court costs.
  • Settlement or judgment – If you are found to be at fault, E&O covers the cost of settling a claim out of court and also covers the decision of a court, up to your policy limits.

Zero Hassle – Big Savings

Getting fast and affordable errors and omissions insurance is easier than ever with Attorneys First Insurance. As an independently owned and operated insurance agency, we offer fast competitive pricing on E&O insurance policies.

We’re laser-focused on offering better coverage at considerably lower rates and better terms than other insurance companies. In fact, we won’t waste your time quoting you if you can find better rates elsewhere. We guarantee considerable savings with our insurance, even if you’ve had prior claims.

We take a lot of pride in helping lawyers and title agents buy better E&O insurance with less headaches. We’ve been able to streamline the quoting process, making it more efficient for our clients.

As your firm grows, we’ll work closely with you to evaluate your E&O insurance and make the necessary adjustments. We’re committed to making sure you have the right coverage to meet legal requirements and stay protected.

Built Around Experience and Customer Service for Errors and Omissions Insurance in Florida 

At Attorneys First Insurance, we build value with our extensive knowledge and exceptional customer service. We know what our clients need and how to help them protect their businesses.

So, when you need a quote or answers, one of our agents will answer the phone to talk to you personally. No complex phone queues or call centers. We strive to the best of our abilities to serve you with integrity, honor, and respect.

Contact us today to get a quick quote on your errors and omissions insurance in Florida, and be on your way to saving time and money.

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